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Autobrite Direct

Autobrite Direct | Orange Degreaser 500ml

Autobrite Direct | Orange Degreaser 500ml

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Autobrite Direct Orange degreaser is specifically designed to eliminate dirt, grime, and light grease while also providing lasting protection in one application. It is ideal for use on engine bays, door and boot shuts, and any other greasy panels or parts. Simply spray on, use a detailing brush to agitate, and then rinse or wipe away for a grease-free and protected finish. This orange-scented degreaser contains a unique blend of ingredients that guarantee a safe, effortless, and efficient clean on any surface. It is particularly effective on door shuts, eliminating grease and grime and leaving a clean and glossy finish. This versatile product can be diluted up to 5-1, making it a cost-effective option. Use it for engine detailing and achieve a beautiful, professional finish in even the toughest greasy areas.


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