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Autobrite Direct

Autobrite Direct | Purple Velvet Car Shampoo 500ml

Autobrite Direct | Purple Velvet Car Shampoo 500ml

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Autobrite Direct Purple Velvet car shampoo is a luxurious and high-gloss product with impressive dilution capabilities. It effectively coats your vehicle in thick suds that remove dirt and leave a velvety shine. Its pH-neutral formula makes it safe to use without damaging existing wax or LSP layers. This shampoo is highly recommended for regular car cleaning and boasts a powerful scent. For best results, follow with Purple Velvet High Gloss Shampoo and start with a pre-wash using Citrus wash All-purpose cleaner or Magifoam. Use two buckets with grit guards for a safe and effective wash, keeping in mind to rinse your wash media regularly. On warm days, wash panel by panel and rinse as you go. After washing, thoroughly rinse the vehicle and use Top Gloss Shine as a drying aid to prevent water spots and achieve a glossy finish. 


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