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Becton Detailing

Becton Detailing | Tyre Shine Brush

Becton Detailing | Tyre Shine Brush

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This innovative tyre shine brush is equipped with thousands of super-soft and densely packed bristles, making it the ultimate applicator for tyre dressing. It can be used with all water and silicone-based dressings and sealants.

Key Benefits:

  1. Super Soft Bristles
  2. Corrosion Resistant
  3. Brush and Holder Kit
  4. Ensures an Even Coating Every Time
  5. Suitable for Both Flat and Textured Surfaces
  6. Comes as a Complete Set with a Holder

Please note that this brush is not suitable for use with heavy solvent dressings, as they may potentially damage the brush's construction.

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