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Cartec | Acid Free Wheel Cleaner 1 Litre

Cartec | Acid Free Wheel Cleaner 1 Litre

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SAFELY CLEAN YOUR WHEELS FOR JUST £0.02P PER WHEEL Experience the world's leading Acid-Free wheel cleaner, trusted by industry giants in over 54 countries.

Cartec's Wheel Cleaner Acid-Free has earned its reputation as a global favorite. Available in more than 54 countries, every user of Wheel Cleaner Acid-Free immediately recognizes its exceptional quality.

Despite its unassuming name, Wheel Cleaner Acid-Free packs a powerful punch. This highly concentrated and efficient wheel cleaner swiftly and safely removes brake dust, road grime, and accumulated dirt from all wheel types.

Backed by BMW approval, we confidently assert that Cartec Wheel Cleaner Acid-Free stands as one of, if not the finest acid-free wheel cleaners worldwide.

You can dilute it up to 1:10 (product:water), depending on the level of wheel soiling. Wheel Cleaner Acid-Free offers a fast, effortless, and secure solution to restore your wheels to their pristine condition.

Always perform a test on a hidden area before full application.

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