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Duel Autocare

Duel Autocare | Flex Polymer Spray Sealant 100ml

Duel Autocare | Flex Polymer Spray Sealant 100ml

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Duel Autocare FLEX is an advanced polymer sealant designed for use with a snow foam lance. It provides outstanding performance, ease of use and amazing results. FLEX creates a durable, glossy finish and hydrophobic coating that offers superior water sheeting and beading. Your car will be protected with this water repellent shield for up to 8 weeks with proper maintenance. Each 100ml bottle will provide you with 20 applications and, at only 75p per use, Duel Autocare FLEX is an economical choice.

Maintenance: Duel Engage pH Neutral Snow Foam and Duel Bahama Blue Shampoo.

Advantages of FLEX: Easy to use & maintain, Deep gloss finish, Hydrophobic coating for 6-8 weeks durability, 20 applications per bottle, 75p per application.

Application: Measure out 5ml with measuring cup & syringe. Add to 250ml of water in snow foam lance. Apply over entire car, incl. glass. Allow 4-5 minutes dwell time. Pressure wash off.


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