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Duel Autocare

Duel Autocare | Microfibre Wash 500ml

Duel Autocare | Microfibre Wash 500ml

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Duel Autocare's Microfibre Wash is the superior solution for keeping your microfibre cloths and towels clean and effective. This expert formula contains a blend of mild surfactants specifically designed to tackle polymers, waxes, and oils commonly found in car cleaning and detailing products. Unlike traditional detergents, this dedicated microfibre wash won't harm or diminish the absorbency and performance of your products. Follow these simple instructions for use in your washing machine or by hand to achieve the best results:

When using a washing machine, pour 50ml of Laundry into the detergent drawer and run a 30-degree cycle. For hand washing, add 50ml of Laundry to a bowl of warm water and allow cloths to soak and agitate. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and air dry. Note: Do not use fabric conditioners and avoid tumble drying.


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