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Duel Autocare

Duel Autocare | Microfibre Wash Mitt

Duel Autocare | Microfibre Wash Mitt

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The Duel Autocare Microfibre Wash Mitt is specially designed to maintain your car's cleanliness and shine. Made from premium microfibre material, this gentle mitt effectively removes dirt, grime, and road film without damaging your car's paintwork. Its soft, absorbent strands leave no scratches or swirl marks, making it ideal for regular use. The mitt is also machine washable, making it environmentally friendly and reusable. Whether you're a car expert or simply looking for a convenient way to care for your vehicle, the Duel Autocare Microfibre Wash Mitt is the perfect choice. It comes in a resealable polyethylene zip lock bag with Duel branding on the wrist cuff for easy storage. For optimal results, rinse out the wash mitt after each use and follow the included care instructions for machine washing.


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