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Duel Autocare

Duel Autocare | Oxide Quick Detailer Hybrid 500ml

Duel Autocare | Oxide Quick Detailer Hybrid 500ml

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Duel Autocare Oxide Quick Hybrid Detailer offers superior protection and shine, in a single application, due to its advanced hybrid formulation. It also provides excellent water repellency and durability for up to 6-8 weeks without layering. Safe for use on all painted surfaces and wheels, Duel Autocare Oxide is an ideal choice for a short-term spray sealant.


Long-lasting durability, Intense gloss, Protection for all surfaces & wheels, Facilitates fast drying, 6-8 weeks of longevity.

Application Instructions: Mist each small panel with Oxide or apply two to three mists for larger panels. Spread the product onto the surface with a microfibre towel and buff with a clean microfibre cloth for a glossy finish. Warning: Do not use in direct sunlight or allow to dry.


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