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Duel Autocare

Duel Autocare | Snow Lux Berry Blanket Coloured Snow Foam

Duel Autocare | Snow Lux Berry Blanket Coloured Snow Foam

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Introducing Berry Blanket 1 Litre, one of four vibrant coloured snow foams in Duel Autocare's Snow Lux collection. Give your snow foam experience a boost with Duel AutoCare's Snow Lux - Berry Blanket. This alkaline pre-wash snow foam, with its vivid blue hue and refreshing blueberry scent, not only captures attention but also effectively targets road grime and contaminants. Infused with alkaline cleaning power, Berry Blanket transforms your vehicle into a canvas of blue, setting the stage for a main wash with unmatched results. Perfect for both professional detailers and car enthusiasts, this snow foam easily works with all snow foam lances and pressure washers, providing thorough coverage and exceptional cleaning action. For tougher cleaning tasks, pair Berry Blanket with Nitty Gritty Pre-Wash and degreaser, extending its working time and breaking down extra grime and road film. Elevate your cleaning regime with Berry Blanket, the ultimate pre-wash treatment.


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