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Duel Autocare

Duel Autocare | Snow Lux Strawberry Storm Coloured Snow Foam

Duel Autocare | Snow Lux Strawberry Storm Coloured Snow Foam

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Introducing SnowLux - Strawberry Storm, a vibrant red/pink pre-wash snow foam from Duel Autocare's Snow Lux collection. This alkaline foam is perfect for those seeking exceptional cleaning results. Infused with a luscious strawberry fragrance, this foam not only removes dirt and contaminants, but also adds a delightful visual appeal. Suitable for use with all snow foam lances and pressure washers, SnowLux guarantees even distribution and powerful cleaning action. For extra cleaning power, pair Strawberry Storm with Nitty Gritty Pre-Wash and degreaser. Apply Nitty Gritty first, then top it off with Strawberry Storm for extended working time and effective breakdown of tough grime and road film. Elevate your pre-wash routine with Strawberry Storm - a favourite among professionals and car care enthusiasts alike.


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