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Duel Autocare

Duel Autocare | Stiff Detailing Brushes 2 Pack

Duel Autocare | Stiff Detailing Brushes 2 Pack

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Introducing "The Stiff One" Stiff Detailing Brush 2 pack by Duel Autocare - the go-to solution for tackling tough detailing tasks with ease. These durable and powerful brushes are designed to handle the grittiest challenges, from cleaning alloy wheels with our essential wheel cleaning products like Axis and Toxin, to scrubbing grimy engine bays and interior areas like seat rails and door shuts with Nitty Gritty. Built with robust materials and precision engineering, "The Stiff One" ensures maximum performance in demanding situations. Whether you're battling stubborn dirt and grime on your wheels or deep cleaning the crevices of your car's interior, these brushes are up for the task. This twin pack includes two sizes - 17cm and 23cm - to cover all your detailing needs, conveniently stored in a Duel branded PVC ziplock bag. For more delicate tasks, also check out Duel's "The Soft One" brush.


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