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Hydro | Full Bundle

Hydro | Full Bundle

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Hydro Snow delivers thick foam for a luxurious carwash experience, and may be diluted for the recommended dilution, or used straight from the bottle for maximum suds! It'll lift dirt and make your ride ready for show shine; it's also pH-neutral and formulated to stick to surfaces longer, breaking down and lifting off heavy grime. This pre-wash is a must for car detailing, as it eliminates gritty dirt without scratching paint or glossed plastics. It's ideal for hard-to-reach spots, and its pre-clean process is key to protecting surfaces against abrasion and defects.

This HYDRO Pre Cleaner is highly effective when diluted to fit its purpose. From exteriors to interiors, the correct amount of dilution ensures a top-notch pre-wash. Use it to remove thick grime, tar, and any other stubborn dirt. Interior and exterior surfaces alike are left safe and ready to be washed away. Plus, this product is specifically designed to ease the removal of contaminants before a contact wash. With a variety of dilution levels, it can work on paintwork, plastic trims, and even floor mats. It even tackles mould on interior plastics! And it can be left for longer without fear of citrus damage. After spraying on via a sprayer, use a brush to agitate specific areas of grime, such as badges and grilles. Dilution levels: Exterior - dilute 3:1, spray, agitate, wash off. Interior - dilute 15:1, spray, brush, wipe with a microfibre.

This specially formulated exterior car shampoo is designed to get a 10/10 finish. Use after a combination of Hydro Pre & Snow for complete contamination removal and an ultra glossy, protected surface. It's PH neutral and Anti Marring to protect your wax and ceramic seals, and its high lubricity, high foam, and high concentration provide the best possible results. HYDRO car Shampoo is a powerful product with pH neutral compounds to make contact washing easy. It works by breaking down and lifting the most stubborn grime with surfactants and lubricants. This 250:1 water ratio cleaner is safe for all exterior surfaces and won't give a false gloss finish – just top up protection layers, like Hydro Detail. The pre-wash stages, including Hydro Pre & Snow, must be done before using HYDRO Shampoo for optimal, swirl-free cleaning. So, use two buckets and a quality wash mitt for the safest, most effective clean.

Formulated to improve your vehicle's finish, Hydro Detailer is ideal for paintwork, plastic trim, alloys & wraps - a must-have for any wash bag. Streak-free results & ultra beading properties make it a standout choice. Plus, its unique formulation gives you up to 6 weeks of protection & a showroom shine in just 30 seconds - simply spray, buff & go! With Hydro Detail, you're sure to get a swirl-free finish wet or dry, plus a wax-based barrier to repel water & grime for prolonged protection. Speed up your drying time & enjoy fewer future cleaning sessions - this is the ultimate detailing product for a glossy, beading finish.

Hydro Glass guarantees streak-free results, breaking the mould of ineffective glass cleaners. Start with two sprays per window and a few for your windshield, then use a fish scale cloth to buff clean. For the best possible finish, use Hydro Glass after washing the windows with a contact wash. Its unique formula eliminates smearing common in many other cleaners to provide a 10/10 finish. For optimum results, apply one window at a time and ½ windshield in warm temperatures. Wipe in side-to-side motions with the fish scale cloth to ensure even coverage. Enjoy incredible, streak-free clarity from your cockpit with HYDRO Glass!

Hydro Alloy is a non-caustic, gel-based formula that clings to your alloy surfaces for a deep clean. Its simple application process makes it easy for anyone to use - simply spray it over the alloy followed by agitation from a brush, let it dwell for a minute, then spray off! Cleaning wheels no longer has to be a long and tedious task - with Hydro Alloy, you can get the job done in a jiffy! A few alloys require special attention, which is why Hydro also offers Hydro Snow and pH neutral Hydro Fallout for those special finishes.

Hydro Fallout's special formulation necessitates a certain level of odour, but rest assured that it performs its job efficiently. The product has been designed to be pH-neutral and highly effective at removing dirt and grime, making it ideal for use on alloy wheels and heavily soiled areas. When used correctly, this product can serve as an excellent pre-wash to be followed up with a high-pressure wash. It is worth noting that the presence of iron particles is necessary for the product to leave its trademark purple hue, however, its efficacy is not contingent on the hue. To take performance to the next level, use Hydro Alloy in combination with Hydro Fallout and use a detailing brush to move it around. Finally, use a power washer to reach hard-to-access areas for a deep clean.

HYDRO EASYWASH simplifies your car cleaning needs and saves you time! Do you ever attend events and want to get rid of dust and bugs on the front of your car but find a detailing spray merely smears them? With our waterless wash formula that incorporates a small quantity of ceramic detailer, you'll get a quick and effortless clean with a glossy look.

Perfect for show season, Hydro Easywash offers a quick and easy solution for removing light dust, insects, and dirt from your car, and an added bonus of protecting your car afterwards. Our unique waterless wash formula contains a small amount of ceramic detailer, making it more effective than ordinary detailing sprays. Waterless washes have been around for a while, but our product is truly special. Get ready for car show season the right way, with Hydro Easywash.








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