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Hydro | Wash Bundle

Hydro | Wash Bundle

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Snow and Shampoo, the perfect combination!

This pH neutral wash bundle is now here. After huge demand from Hydro's initial launch they are proud to say the feedback for these two products have been outstanding. Not only can it be applied to any wrapped car and protected car, it also washes off easily and preforms.

Apply the snow foam through a snow cannon first ensuring any loose grime can be removed before a contact wash. Jet wash off all the agitated particles and then see how our high lubricity shampoo performs. Using just 250:1 formulation you will be surprised at how powerful this is. There is no wax in this product meaning it can be applied to any paint work, high foaming to ensure you get the perfect finish and it washes off so easily.


Product Summary

•Snow 1L

•Shampoo 1L

•Dilutable as per rear bottle.

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