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IK Sprayer | IK Foam 1.5 Litre Sprayer

IK Sprayer | IK Foam 1.5 Litre Sprayer

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The IK FOAM 1.5 is a foam sprayer engineered for the creation of dry and long-lasting foam. When used with surfactant-containing chemicals, it is suitable for carwashing, detailing, valeting, and disinfection. It produces a thick and enduring foam well-suited for professional sanitation, vehicle cleaning and detailing, disinfecting food processing sites, and industrial kitchens. With an ergonomic design, safety valve set at 3 bar, and wide filling mouth, the manual sprayer is made for cleaning in many sectors. Its clear tank shows liquid levels, and includes three mixers for wet, semi-dry, and dry foam. The foam extends contact time between chemical and surface to be cleaned, cleans fabrics and upholstery with minimal soaking, and offers enhanced visual control. The IK Foam 1.5 can be simply and tool-free assembled and dismantled for maintenance.


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