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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Incinerate Wheel Cleaner

Infinity Wax | Incinerate Wheel Cleaner

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Infinity Wax Incinerate is a potent alkaline cleaner adept at tackling built-up grime on wheels going back to basic washing of sealed wheels. Formulated to foam, its coverage is improved and it sticks to the surface more easily, allowing for a more thorough clean. Use as is or dilute 25:1; for caked-on mess, spraying it from a bottle gives an accelerated clean. However, avoid applying to chrome, bare aluminium, bare metal, or freshly painted wheels. Safety instructions must be followed; wear gloves and do not let it come into contact with skin, do not use indoors, and keep away from children. Apply in a well-ventilated area. Stand upwind of spray and if it comes in contact with eyes, rinse well. If ingested, call your local emergency service. To use: spray on wheels before rinsing; let sit for 30 secs for lighter build up or agitate with a brush for stubborn mess. Do not let dry or sit for too long.


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