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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Optic Show Wax 50ml

Infinity Wax | Optic Show Wax 50ml

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Infinity Wax Optic is a cutting-edge polymer emulsion wax that has been meticulously crafted for over 14 months to deliver exceptional performance in key areas such as gloss. Unlike any other wax in their line up, Optic utilises natural oils to enhance shine and the results are truly remarkable! When it comes to application, Infinity Wax Optic is versatile enough to use in hot or cold weather conditions, and can even withstand a light drizzle during unpredictable British summers. But where Optic really shines is during removal - whether it's a hot or cold day, a single pass is all it takes to effortlessly remove the wax. And don't be fooled by its show wax status, Optic still boasts impressive hydrophobic properties that produce world-class beading, making drying your car after a shower a breeze. With durability lasting up to 12 weeks, Optic is truly the ideal wax for achieving a show-winning finish this season.


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