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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Plastic & Rubber Wax 200g

Infinity Wax | Plastic & Rubber Wax 200g

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Infinity Wax Plastic & Rubber Wax restores plastic & rubber to a factory fresh finish in minutes. Easily revive unpainted plastic and rubber, while also fortifying with a strong water and dust repellent layer. This unique synthetic wax is specifically crafted for plastic and rubber substrates. Its quick, easy, no-mess application offers a long-lasting OEM finish with no added dyes or pigments, beading water and dirt like a traditional wax for a car's paintwork. Formulated from modified polyethylene and polymers, plus a humectant that preserves the natural colour and texture of plastics and rubbers without added colour. Plastic and Rubber Wax's effects are dramatic, creating a barrier against rain, dirt, and dust. Simply apply in a thin layer, gently work it in, and let cure for 10 minutes; no buffing or removal needed. After it's cured, you'll be impressed by the water behaviour and the dust-free finish. For best results Plastic and Rubber Wax is best applied to clean, dry surface only, this allows you to work the product into the area most effectively. We recommend cleaning plastics and rubber with an All Purpose Cleaner for best results or if you suspect a previous dressing may still remain on the surface. 


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