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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Sherbet Lemon Air Freshener

Infinity Wax | Sherbet Lemon Air Freshener

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This expertly blended liquid air freshener features a luxurious fragrance with added fixatives to ensure long-lasting scent. Designed for optimal fragrance projection and durability on various surfaces, it's also safe for use in enclosed spaces. The top notes of lemon-lime and sweet orange are complemented by middle notes of strawberry and raspberry, finished with a sherbet base note. Made from a technical blend of isopropyl, fixatives, emulsifiers, and distilled water, our air freshener is both strong and pure, meeting the basic requirements of Halal with no ethanol, animal products, or enzymes.


Use this air freshener at any time for maximum effectiveness, but for best results, spray on clean fabrics or after deep cleaning or steam cleaning. Apply directly onto car mats, roof linings, or seat belts.


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