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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Spotless Glass Cleaner

Infinity Wax | Spotless Glass Cleaner

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Infinity Wax Spotless Glass Cleaner is a professional strength, streak-free product designed to effortlessly clean any automotive glass. It uses proprietary surfactants to powerfully clean even the toughest dirt and grease, while preventing residue build-up. This leaves a spotless, anti-static finish every time, plus reduces dust accumulation and improves visibility. It's been tested and approved for use in the 2022 BTCC season, showing the unbeatable results it can provide. Perfect for both inside and outside, Spotless can be used before, during, or after a wash process, delivering incredible results with no smudges or smears. Ideal for those tricky, hard-to-reach areas, and perfect for use in cars with children.


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