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Infinity Wax | Super Glaze 500ml

Infinity Wax | Super Glaze 500ml

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The ideal solution for rejuvenating tired paintwork, whether by hand or machine, is Infinity Wax Super Glaze. It's a non-abrasive polish that boasts substantial filling capabilities, gloss-enhancing polymers, and a levelling agent to ensure a flawless finish on your paint. Additionally, it offers a temporary protective layer and is effective for polishing glass.

Super Glaze is water-based, free from oils or harsh solvents, and devoid of any added powders or chalks, ensuring no unsightly white marks on your plastic trims and rubbers. Its contemporary formula facilitates easy application, whether by hand or machine, and the residue can be wiped off without any smears or removal difficulties. Even if left to cure for extended periods, it buffs off in seconds.

The features of Super Glaze are particularly beneficial if you aim to enhance your car's appearance without resorting to machine polishing. It not only significantly fills in paintwork imperfections but also chemically cleanses, removing light surface contaminants like small tar spots and certain embedded particles typically requiring clay for removal. This results in an exceptionally smooth surface, while the integrated polymers significantly boost gloss, colour depth, and shine. Moreover, it leaves a one-week protective layer, giving you time to apply further protection post-glaze. Super Glaze is also an effective glass polish, capable of eliminating persistent water marks and contaminants.

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