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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Synergy Revolution Wheel Ceramic Coating

Infinity Wax | Synergy Revolution Wheel Ceramic Coating

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Infinity Wax Synergy Revolution Wheel Ceramic Coating is a top-performing product that can be easily applied at home or professionally, making it compatible with air sprayer systems. It is designed for high-performance use on wheels, brake calipers, and high-impact areas, and boasts an impressive 2+ year lifespan. With its user-friendly application and professional-grade results, this advanced coating sets itself apart as the ultimate choice in the UK market.


Synergy Revolution Wheel Ceramic Coating is composed of a unique blend of 7 essential ingredients and advanced solvents, originating primarily from Germany. Utilizing both organic polysilazane resin and a highly durable inorganic variant, our coating creates an impenetrable barrier capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1400 degrees Celsius, as well as the cyclic cooling effects that often cause traditional coatings to fail. Furthermore, our product boasts a Diaminosiloxane additive, commonly used in the aerospace industry for its exceptional thermal and chemical resistance, as well as its unique ability to add flexibility to an otherwise rigid coating structure.

Synergy Revolution incorporates advanced material science into a convenient and versatile product suitable for anyone to achieve exceptional results. It boasts a lifespan of over 2 years on daily driven vehicles and is considered permanent on show or infrequent use vehicles. With two application options - the traditional method using an applicator and pipette dropper, or the soon-to-be-released Synergy Air system - Revolution offers precise coverage for high wear and hidden areas, saving time for those regularly coating wheels. Regardless of the application method chosen, expect user-friendly, forgiving use and impressive results - including increased gloss, smoothness, and superior protection against water, dust, and dirt. This product is safe for use on all painted wheel finishes, including satin and matte, making it a one-stop solution for all your wheel coating needs.

To properly incorporate the product during the wash process, it is crucial to follow the necessary steps for maximum effectiveness. As a last stage protective solution, Synergy Revolution should only be applied after washing, decontaminating, and using Synergy Prep on the surface being coated. Proper preparation is key as ceramic coatings rely on correct bonding to the paint. Additionally, this product is safe for use on all types of painted surfaces, including satin and matte finishes.

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