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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Tuscan Leather Limited Edition Air Freshener

Infinity Wax | Tuscan Leather Limited Edition Air Freshener

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This luxurious leather fragrance spray has added fixatives to bring superb strength and longevity. Infinity Wax liquid air freshener blends are formulated for optimum aroma diffusion and safe on all surfaces. Top notes of birch tar and leather accord, mid notes of Moroccan jasmine and thyme, and base notes of saffron and raspberry make this scent irresistible. This unique liquid mixture consists of isopropyl, fixatives, emulsifiers, and a small quantity of distilled water to create a powerful, yet pure air freshener that is suited for use in closed spaces like your vehicle. Ethanol, animal products, and enzymes are excluded, to satisfy Halal standards. With its remarkable capacity of up to 367 sprays per bottle, plus the magnificent fragrance inspired by Creed or 1 million, you can have a 10/10 scent for less than £10.00 - an unbelievable deal! For best results, spray it directly onto clean fabrics, carpet mats, roof linings, or seat belts


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