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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Watermelon Crush Air Freshener 200ml

Infinity Wax | Watermelon Crush Air Freshener 200ml

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Intense Strength Premium Liquid Car Fragrance!

Infinity Wax luxury watermelon fragrance spray has added fixatives for long-lasting aroma. This liquid air freshener is expertly blended for optimal scent projection and extended fragrance on surfaces. Notes include mint, spearmint Mexican lime, watermelon and clean (aldehydes) green accords. Manufactured with isopropyl, fixatives, emulsifiers and distilled water, our air freshener is strong yet pure and Halal-certified. Fantastic value too - up to 367 sprays per bottle! Best results after car deep cleaning or steam cleaning - spritz directly onto mats, roof linings and seat belts.


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