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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Wax Off Stripping Car Shampoo

Infinity Wax | Wax Off Stripping Car Shampoo

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Use Infinity Wax WAX OFF as a powerful strip wash car shampoo to effectively remove waxes, sealants, and older ceramic coatings from your vehicle. It can be used for a mild decontamination wash or as part of a more thorough paint restoration process. WAX OFF is formulated with alkaline surfactants that create an ionic bond to existing protection, breaking down acidic bonds between Si02 and waxes, resulting in a molecular level de-lamination. Versatile and easy to use, WAX OFF can be applied through trigger sprayer, foam cannon, or bucket methods. It is recommended to use WAX OFF at the contact wash stage for best results. For a decontamination wash, pre-wash the vehicle and add 50-100ml of WAX OFF to a half-filled wash bucket. For wax removal, dilute 50-100ml per litre with warm water and apply to each panel with a wash mitt. Rinse thoroughly after 5 minutes and repeat if necessary.

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