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Infinity Wax

Infinity Wax | Wheel Shampoo 500ml

Infinity Wax | Wheel Shampoo 500ml

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This wheel shampoo is a highly concentrated alkaline solution that effectively removes all types of contamination found on wheels and braking systems. Its specialised surfactants, made from synthetic ingredients, create an emulsifying bond with dirt, allowing for easy rinsing without causing any damage to sensitive wheel finishes like chrome and bare aluminium. This gentle and safe formula is also suitable for use on performance vehicles with ceramic brakes and can assist with brushing while preventing any marring or light scratches on gloss black wheels.


Infinity Wax Wheel Shampoo is the perfect choice for car enthusiasts who prioritise easy maintenance for their wheels. With its highly concentrated formula, this value-packed product can be used in a bucket or a pump foamer. It's also effective for cleaning wheel arch liners and brake calipers. Professionals and detailers will appreciate this product as a safe option for delicate finishes that require a gentle touch. Incorporating Wheel Shampoo into a regular wash routine is simple - use before pre-washing or applying a fallout remover for optimal results. Not only does this product offer effective cleaning, but it also has a wonderful fragrance.

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