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Mile Deep

Mile Deep | Cleanse Concentrated PH Neutral Car Shampoo

Mile Deep | Cleanse Concentrated PH Neutral Car Shampoo

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Mile Deep CLEANSE is a high-efficiency, pH-neutral car shampoo concentrate designed to be potent and lubricated, helping wash mitts glide over surfaces. Cleanse promotes outstanding cleaning results, dissolving dirt and lifting it away from the paint. Its concentrated form provides depth of power while lasting long, stimulant its best use with Mile Deep FILL detailing buckets and CARESS wash mitt. Plus, it smells delightful with a mild, chocolate-orange scent. It's free of colorants and additives and kind to all last stage products and finishes. Usage: To avoid marring, wash area first. Shake well, dilute with fresh water in FILL bucket with Grit Guard. Heavy soils: 1:80 water. Medium soils: 1:200 water. Light soils: 1:400 water. Apply with CARESS wash mitt from top to bottom. Rinse off with pressure washer.


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