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Mile Deep

Mile Deep | Elevate Interior Trim Dressing 500ml

Mile Deep | Elevate Interior Trim Dressing 500ml

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Mile Deep ELEVATE is an advanced interior trim dressing that instantly refreshes your vehicle's interior. It's easy to apply directly or with an applicator like mile deep APPLY, or a microfibre cloth. Your trims and plastics will gain a deep sheen, making them look factory-fresh. UV inhibiting agents help protect against fading and discolouration. It's safe for rubber, plastics, vinyl, and wood, plus leaves a non-greasy finish and a pleasant scent. Not recommended for hand and foot controls. Mile Deep ELEVATE enhances plastics, vinyl, and wood surfaces, restoring colour. Long-lasting, it offers UV protection, is simple to use, and is kind to all surfaces. It's colourant-free. Directions: Clean & dry the area to be treated. Shake well and spray/apply a small amount. Wipe with a microfibre applicator (mile deep APPLY) or cloth (mile deep ENACT)


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