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Mile Deep

Mile Deep | Enact Microfibre Cloths Pack Of 10

Mile Deep | Enact Microfibre Cloths Pack Of 10

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This ENACT 10-pack provides 10 ultra-high-quality, multi-purpose Microfibre Cloths, essential for any detailer. The cloths are versatile enough to be used for a wide range of car detailing tasks, both inside and out. Mile Deep's ENACT 10-pack is ideal for applying coatings, cleaners, and buffing off - making them the most used and versatile piece of equipment. These tough and durable cloths feature soft Warp-Kitted Microfibres, a 300gsm pile, label-free design, soft-stitched fibre edging, and a 40 x 40cm size, making them perfect for protecting sensitive materials.
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