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Mile Deep

Mile Deep | Purple Fallout Remover 500ml

Mile Deep | Purple Fallout Remover 500ml

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Mile Deep PURPLE is a powerful pH-Neutral iron contaminant eliminator designed to eliminate and dissolve deeply embedded iron ferrous particles and other contaminants from the car's surface, helping reduce swirls and marring. Its effective formula is user-friendly and quickly removes any contamination on your car; the product changes to a deep purple colour while dissolving (a process known as 'bleeding'). It can be used in any stage of the car wash or as part of a decontamination process before clay bar and polishing or to apply coatings. It rapidly dissolves iron particles and fallout, is a highly targeted and effective pH-Neutral formula, and is colorant-free. It is also safe for use on paint, metal, glass, plastic and rubber.
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