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Mile Deep

Mile Deep | Sheen Gloss Drying Aid 500ml

Mile Deep | Sheen Gloss Drying Aid 500ml

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Mile Deep SHEEN is a powerful coating and drying aid with a glossy finish that is applied effortlessly using a foam lance, spray bottle, or pump sprayer. It forms a hydrophobic layer on your car's surfaces to repel water and speed up the drying process. It is safe for use on all surfaces and can be used to fortify other last stage products. A wax polymer blend provides immediate, long-lasting hydrophobicity. No colorants are used. Fast application and easy clean-up make it ideal for maintenance washes.


Clean surface thoroughly. Shake and dilute 1:10 parts for initial coating, 1:20 parts for occasional topping, and 1:50 parts for regular topping with deionised water. Spray single coat with Snow Foam bottle/canon and pressure washer. Allow to dwell up to 5 minutes then rinse off with pressure washer. Fully dry surface with high-quality drying towel.


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