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Nasiol | Nano Seat Protect 500ml

Nasiol | Nano Seat Protect 500ml

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• Safeguards against fabric-penetrating stains. • Infused with NASIOL NEW CAR SMELL fragrance. • Hypoallergenic and toxin-free formulation. • A single application lasts up to 4 months or 5 washes with approved detergents.

Nasiol Nano Seat Protect acts as a formidable shield, standing guard between your vehicle's interior fabric surfaces and potential threats, including spilled beverages, muddy footwear, and damp attire.

With its refreshing fragrance, Nasiol Nano Seat Protect not only defends your seats against stain-inducing intruders but also leaves a delightful aroma as an added benefit.

This robust stain defender, harnessed through cutting-edge nanotechnology, comes in a portable spray bottle and features a long-lasting new car fragrance.

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