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Poorboy's World

Poorboy's World | Spray & Wipe 473ml

Poorboy's World | Spray & Wipe 473ml

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Experience the convenience of Poorboy's World Spray and Wipe, a waterless car wash that cleans your vehicle in just 15 minutes. No need for buckets or hoses - simply spray and wipe away heavy dust or road grime. With no wax or abrasives, you can safely use it on all paints and surfaces, including glass, chrome, and polished aluminum. For best results, pair with our high-quality Deluxe Mega Towels (DMT) and say goodbye to scratches. And with its ability to remove dirt, water spots, tar, sap, and bird droppings, it's the perfect substitute for traditional bucket car washes. Use it in any weather conditions and on any paint type, making it the ideal solution for a quick car clean.
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