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Quixx System

Quixx System | Glass Scratch Remover

Quixx System | Glass Scratch Remover

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Quixx System Glass Scratch Remover utilises powerful diamond abrasives and two revolutionary polishing pastes to eliminate scratches on various glass surfaces, including car windows, watch glass, furniture, decorations, and window panes. This versatile 2-component system uses high-tech diamond polish to remove scratches and high-performance diamond finish to achieve a high-gloss result. The application process is simple, fast, and effective, saving you from expensive repairs and preserving the value of your belongings. With the innovative Quixx Diamond Polishing Technology (DPT), professional results are guaranteed. The all-inclusive kit includes everything you need to make repairs.

Contents: 1 syringe Repair No. 1, 1 syringe Finish No. 2, 1 polishing rod and 2 x 6 polishing strips

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