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Quixx System | Windscreen Repair Kit

Quixx System | Windscreen Repair Kit

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The QUIXX Windshield Repair Kit is the affordable and dependable alternative to windshield replacement. This comprehensive kit comes with specialized tools and a powerful, clear resin, allowing you to repair automotive glass damage like a pro. Whether it's a bullseye, half bullseye, or star break, these seemingly humorous names have serious consequences. TÜV does not find them amusing, and replacing the entire windshield without insurance coverage can be costly. Product details include a simple, fast, and effective application, stabilizing and sealing the damaged area, preventing further cracking, and maintaining the value of your vehicle. Achieve excellent results with LGT (Liquid Glass Technology) as the repair becomes nearly invisible. Repair resin is MADE IN GERMANY and the all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for successful repairs.

Contents: 1 bottle of special repair resin, 1 set of repair tools, 4 curing films, 1 razor blade and 1 pair of disposable gloves

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