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Angelwax | Revenge Bug & Insect Remover 500ml

Angelwax | Revenge Bug & Insect Remover 500ml

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Angelwax REVENGE BUG & INSECT REMOVER has been meticulously crafted to safely and efficiently eliminate persistent insects and their residue from all external surfaces, including paint, chrome, and glass.

Angelwax REVENGE is a water-based formulation that is entirely safe for waxed surfaces. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and devoid of harmful solvents. Infused with a fresh citrus fragrance, this "spray on" and "rinse off" solution swiftly tackles flies and other insects on the paint surface. When left unchecked, insects can lead to paintwork staining, making timely removal crucial.

Just like all other Angelwax creations, REVENGE BUG & INSECT REMOVER has undergone rigorous testing in their laboratory and has been assessed by the industry's most skilled detailers to ensure that we have once again crafted a flawless product for your vehicle.

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