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Soft99 | Authentic Premium Hard Wax

Soft99 | Authentic Premium Hard Wax

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Soft99's Authentic Premium Hard Wax, with its golden can full of pure Carnauba, is a much-loved car care product. It's formulated to provide an easy application experience and an intensely shiny finish, thanks to its maximum-strength Carnauba formulation. It adds a warm, hydrophobic effect to vehicle surfaces, perfect for aficionados of classic detailing who want an old-school automotive experience. The kit includes an applicator and brush for working in tight spots, and comes in a metal tin for easy storage. Application is easy: hand-wash the car, dry and decontaminate, apply a small amount of wax with a pad, spread a thin, even layer over the surface, wait 5-8 minutes, and polish off the residue with a clean microfibre cloth. Use the included accessories for hard-to-reach areas.
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