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Soft99 | Bazooka Rain Drop 300ml

Soft99 | Bazooka Rain Drop 300ml

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Soft99 Rain Drop Bazooka provides immediate protection on a car's paintwork, glass, plastic, and chrome surfaces. Applied directly after a wash on a wet surface, it offers self-protection or an enhancement of existing coatings. It enhances hydrophobicity, shine, and protection. The atomizer's high-pressure delivery allows for easy application on large surfaces, while the product features speed up the drying process.


1. Wash car using pH neutral shampoo to rid dirt.

2. Rinse car with pressure.

3. Hold atomizer trigger and apply product to wet car's surface, spread foam with microfiber. Change sides often.

4. Buff with dry microfibre to remove product residues. To spray continuously, set side trigger to horizontal.


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