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Soft99 | Cloth Barrier Fabric Coat 170ml

Soft99 | Cloth Barrier Fabric Coat 170ml

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Take advantage of the renowned Fusso technology in your car interior! Soft99 Cloth Barrier is a hydrophobic, fluoropolymer-based coating for fabrics that repels moisture and oily substances while decreasing the chance of germ growth. It guards fabric from water, food, and dirt, improving the hygiene of your car. Also works great for waterproofing convertible tops!

Application procedure: 1 Ensure fabric is clean and dry; if temp is below 10℃, warm car interior. 2 Shake bottle and turn nozzle to ON. 3 Spray 15-20cm from surface; use sponge to spread evenly. 4 For each seat use 12-15 sprays. 5 Leave fabric to dry (2-4 hours); in cold temperatures, drying may be slow. 6 (Optional) Use hair dryer to help drying.

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