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Soft99 | DiGloss Giraedge Tyre Dressing

Soft99 | DiGloss Giraedge Tyre Dressing

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Soft99 Digloss Giraedge achieves a spectacular wet-look for your tyres in a matter of seconds. Its integrated, flexible applicator head with a profiled shape enables precise, even dressing of the tyres without getting your hands dirty. Formulating with a water-based formula, it leaves a clear, glossy finish that is neither sticky nor prone to attracting dust, and offers a hydrophobic effect. This makes it an ideal product for use on low profile tyres. For a clear finish, strong shine and a wet tyre effect, turn to Digloss Giraedge. Its special applicator with a flexible head ensures you can evenly coat the surface of the tyre in moments, while the water-based formula maximizes the wet tyre effect.


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