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Soft99 | Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Light Hard Wax

Soft99 | Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Light Hard Wax

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Soft99 Kiwami signifies ultimate performance. Its combination of synthetic and natural Carnauba produces a glossy finish with long-lasting protection. The wax is perfect for those seeking a stunning finish that offers great durability. Effects last up to 3 months, deepening colour, providing gloss and repelling water. Comes with a convenient applicator for easy applications. The wax is stored in a solid metal can. Before use, check the product is suitable for paintwork colour.


Wash car with pH-neutral shampoo; decontaminate with clay cleaner, get product on pad, spread even layer in a cross-motion, working panel by panel, wait 5-8 mins, buff with clean microfibre cloth, changing sides or new cloth, repeat until desired effect. Ambient temp affects binding time.

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