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Soft99 | Extreme Gloss The "Kiwami” Car Shampoo Silver 750ml

Soft99 | Extreme Gloss The "Kiwami” Car Shampoo Silver 750ml

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Soft99 The Kiwami Shampoo is a specialised car shampoo eliminates a variety of road-related dirt, while also preparing the vehicle surface for additional protection from Soft99 products -including the included Extreme Gloss Wax, which forms an invisible coating to shield the car paint from harm. A sponge is included for easy application, and use instructions are as follows:

1. Pre-rinse the car to remove dust and heavier debris, to avoid scratching

2. Apply the shampoo to the sponge or bucket, create foam, then wash the vehicle

3. Rinse down, and dry off with microfibre cloths.


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