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Soft99 | Glaco De Cleaner Glass Cleaner 400ml

Soft99 | Glaco De Cleaner Glass Cleaner 400ml

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Soft99 Glaco De Cleaner is a revolutionary 2-in-1 glass cleaner that deeply cleans and enhances water-repellency for unbeatable results. Easily remove dirt, bird droppings, dead bugs, oils and other residue from any glass surface with just a spray and a wipe. Plus, Glaco De Cleaner serves as a booster for previously applied invisible wipers, allowing for easy maintenance and extended hydrophobic effect on the glass. You'll notice the invisible windscreen wiper effect from 60 km/h and above, and it also prevents frost, ice and snow from sticking to the glass - crucial on chilly winter days. Furthermore, Glaco De Cleaner is completely eco-friendly and does not contain gas. To use, shake the bottle, turn the nozzle to ON, spray 15-20cm away from the glass and wipe away foam and residues with a clean towel or microfibre.
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