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Soft99 | Glaco DX Liquid Wiper 110ml

Soft99 | Glaco DX Liquid Wiper 110ml

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Soft99 Glaco DX is the newest edition of the acclaimed Glaco glass coating range, engineered for optimal water repellency, effortless application, and ease of use. Boasting SARF (Strong Adhesion + Rapid Finish) technology that reduces the adhesion time to just 5 minutes, Glaco DX ensures superior security and peace of mind during rainy car trips. Its advanced formulation yields an ultra-smooth film that exhibits unbeatable water-repellency strength and speed. The signature Glaco applicator has been enhanced with a movable head to accommodate various vehicle windscreens and glass shapes. Additionally, the felt part is now rectangular for swifter coverage of window corners.

To apply Glaco DX:

1. Pre-clean car and glass using Glaco Glass Compound Roll On or Glass Compound Z.

2. Remove cap, wet felt part of applicator in product,

3. Apply evenly in a criss-cross motion, pressing the applicator against dry glass. 

4. Buff off.


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