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Soft99 | Glaco Roll On Water Repellent

Soft99 | Glaco Roll On Water Repellent

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A protective coating for your car's windows, Soft99 Glaco ensures water repellency and a uniformity of the windshield surface, warding off water under pressure. This invisible wiper enhances visibility in inclement weather, improving the safety of passengers. Furthermore, the roll on helps impede window freezing in winter and morning frosts. A large-tipped bottle aids in applying the product, particularly on bigger cars. Enjoy the invisible wiper effect at 45 kph or less, optimised for urban driving. For best results, wash glass surfaces with a pH neutral shampoo, dry, and decontaminate using Glass Compound Z2. Make sure the glass is dry before application; applying to wet glass could cause damage. Apply Glaco in cross movements, allow it to dry until a white residue appears, and then polish off with a dry microfibre cloth.


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