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Soft99 | Glaco W-Jet Liquid Wiper 180ml

Soft99 | Glaco W-Jet Liquid Wiper 180ml

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Short on time but need visibility? Not to worry with Soft99 Glaco W-Jet! The quickest Glaco product to apply! Spray it onto a wet windshield, then use the windshield wipers to activate! Heavy rain? No problem! W-Jet is formulated to enhance vision, even in bad weather! With wipers, you'll quickly experience a strong water repellency on your car. Glaco W-Jet is a cinch to use on minivans and other large cars! Its special bottle and atomiser spray the product at high pressure, with application taking mere seconds. How to Apply: On Wet Glass: Spray windshield for 3 seconds, then start wipers. On Dry Glass: Wash & prep windows with Glaco Compound Roll On or Compound Z, rinse/dry, then spray for 3 seconds in a Z-shape. Wipe off with a slightly moist towel/microfibre until the windshield is crystal clear.
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