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Soft99 | Glass Cleaning Wipes (Anti-Fog)

Soft99 | Glass Cleaning Wipes (Anti-Fog)

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Soft99 Glass Cleaning Wipes (Anti-Fog) are a convenient solution for all glass surfaces, containing 10 wipes saturated with a compound that cleans and shields against fogging. These wipes have a specialised 3-layer design; the outer layer removes dirt and oils, the middle layer absorbs remaining particles to avoid scratches, and the third layer accelerates water evaporation from the glass surface. Not only can these wipes be used on car glass, but also most hard plastic surfaces such as the dashboard and steering wheel. To apply, take one wipe from the packet and wipe the surface gently. If there are any remaining residues, continue wiping until the desired effect is achieved. If the wipe gets dirty, fold and use the clean side.

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