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Soft99 | Hydro Gloss Water Repellent Wax

Soft99 | Hydro Gloss Water Repellent Wax

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Soft99 Hydro Gloss is an advanced, water-based car wax designed for professional protective coatings and eco-friendly solutions. Soft99's R&D team have replaced typical car wax solvents with water for a safe, environmentally-friendly product. Hydro Gloss provides spectacular hydrophobicity and visual properties and can be used as a top-coat or for maintenance waxing. The convenient metal tin includes a high-quality microfibre cloth for easy application. To use, carefully hand-wash the car and decontaminate the surface, then apply the wax to the paintwork with the microfibre cloth. Rub and buff until the desired effect is achieved. No additional drying or polishing is required.
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