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Soft99 | Leather Seat Cleaner Leather Cleaning Spray

Soft99 | Leather Seat Cleaner Leather Cleaning Spray

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Leather maintenance is a breeze with Soft99 Leather Seat Cleaner! This high-quality, simple-to-use leather cleaner removes dirt and restores leather's elasticity, stickiness and suppleness. It comes in an easy-to-use can and the foam spray ensures the product won't sink into the material, giving you more time to clean the surface. Plus, its vitamin E-enriched formula protects leather from damage and leaves a non-sticky, fresh finish. Great for deep cleaning and regular care of leather items.


1. Shake can well. 2. Apply foam to a microfiber. 3. Rub and wipe with cloth. 4. Remove any residual foam and let dry.

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