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Soft99 | Luxury Leather 500ml

Soft99 | Luxury Leather 500ml

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Soft99  Luxury Leather is an ideal product for the comprehensive care of leather and synthetic leather upholstery, as well as leather and plastic interior elements. It effortlessly removes everyday dirt and imparts a light moisture, guarding against drying and cracking. Also, its perfect for reviving plastic, vinyl and synthetic leather surfaces; intensifying hues, highlighting original textures and restoring leather's natural appearance and original lustre, with no stickiness or excessive moisture. To apply, simply apply a small amount directly onto the leather surface. For perforated or ventilated leather, apply onto a microfiber cloth then spread the product over the surface. Then wipe several times to dislodge dirt and spread the solution evenly. Leave for around 20 minutes for the surface to absorb the product.
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