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Soft99 | Protection Time Set Light

Soft99 | Protection Time Set Light

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When difficult conditions are expected on the road, it's Protection Time! Give your car the ultimate protection during the autumn with Soft99's duo of unbeatable products: Fusso Coat 12 Months Light Wax and Ultra Glaco. Fusso Coat is an advanced wax containing fluorine polymers that offer unparalleled durability and resistance to all elements. Get Fusso and enjoy 12 months of protection plus a superior shine. Keep your car safe in the rain with Ultra Glaco, the most durable water-repellent glass coating. Enjoy one year of protection and improved visibility with Glaco! Also, use Soft99's car shampoo for a gentle, pH-neutral wash. This shampoo rinses off easily and won't dry on paintwork. Enjoy the thick foam and pleasant fragrance while you work without fear of streaks or marks. Works great on snow, too. It's Protection Time, trust Soft99 for unbeatable protection!


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